Induction Day, 18-7-2018, DVD 6

The difference between religion and spirituality is an important question and one that will only continue to be asked more and more. The line between the two is blurred.
Spiritual, to us, means studying the inside of you and how the laws of the universe affect you.
Spirituality is something that’s talked about a lot but is often misunderstood.Many people think that spirituality and religion are the same thing, and so they bring their beliefs and misconceptions about religion to discussions about spirituality.
Religion refers to a God that one worships outside of you. Neither one are right or wrong-just different.

Spiritual development is an integral part of overall student development and learning.
Spirituality is an important factor in maintaining positivity in life. It increases the inner strength and supports the mental health of an individual even in testing moments.
Many complain that the following spirituality in modern life isn’t possible. Do you also think the same that maintaining spirituality is difficult? No, it is not at all if you’re taking the right measures.

How does spirituality help students?
Why do you even see spirituality as separate from life?
Should spirituality be a part of education?....
And for many more interesting questions and answers,watch the full video here.
Raviteja Nekkalapu

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